Board of Inquiry (BOI)

In many cases, the finding of misconduct at the level of the officer's command is the basis for higher headquarters ordering a “Show Cause” Hearing or “Board of Inquiry.”  At this hearing, the board examines the misconduct of the officer in light of the entire record of the officer, in a manner similar to that at an administrative discharge board for enlisted.  For a person who has not reached vesting for retirement, this could mean discharge from the service with an other than honorable characterization of service.  For an officer eligible for retirement, the board could recommend reduction to the rank where the individual last served honorably.   

The Board of Inquiry is a serious proceeding that can have long term effects on the officer's civilian employment prospects or retirement compensation.  Any officer facing a BOI should give serious consideration to retaining a civilian military attorney for representation during the hearing.  Jeff Meeks and Bruce White have extensive experience in this area and offer free consultations for BOI representation.  Military lawyers are the best choice for BOI defense.