Choosing An Attorney

Concern for your case

First and foremost, your military lawyer should have a strong desire to zealously assist you with your legal challenge.  Your attorney must have his or her heart in the fight and must be fiercely dedicated to your cause.  As Napoleon once said, morale is to material as three is to one.  For nearly five decades, Jeffrey Meeks and Bruce White have aggressively protected their clients and relish the opportunity of helping service members overcome challenging legal obstacles.  Litigation and the practice of military criminal law are callings for Jeff and Bruce.   

Subject Matter Expertise

Your attorney must have the ability to successfully handle the specific legal issue you face.  Military lawyers are the best choice for courts-martial defense.  Moreover, your attorney must be prepared to go to court for a contested trial in every case.  While not every case ends in a contested trial, that option must always be present for credible negotiating leverage.  The 
pages of this website discuss Jeffrey Meeks' and Bruce White's superb credentials for military legal matters.  During their 50 years of active duty service, they resolved thousands of criminal and administrative cases to the satisfaction of his clients.  They rose from the grade of Second Lieutenant to senior field grade ranks through superior performance on complex legal matters to include vigorously contested courts-martial trials against some the finest military lawyers in the United States.  Jeffrey Meeks and Bruce White will aggressively protect your rights at courts-martial and administrative hearings.  Many of their past defense clients who faced serious allegations received full acquittals, case dismissals, or extremely lenient resolutions of their cases.  

Home Field Advantage

If your case is pending in Southern California, retaining White & Meeks LLP offers you significant advantages over military lawyers who reside and practice elsewhere.  Jeff Meeks and Bruce White focus their 
law practice on the Southern California region.  If your case is pending at one of the local bases, you will have meaningful and personal contact with your attorney as you work together during the critical pretrial portion of your case.  Trials are won or lost on an effective and convincing presentation of detailed facts by a skilled attorney.  Your military lawyer must know the facts of your case cold and often must ferret out hard to find information related to your case.  Sometimes seemingly insignificant facts swing contested cases as the trial mosaic comes together.  Moreover, gauging witness credibility is best done in person.  Jeff Meeks and Bruce White will personally visit key sites and personally interview witnesses as they methodically and diligently prepare for your trial.  To offer you the same degree of service, non-local military lawyers will have to bill you for travel-related expenses to accomplish detailed trial preparation in San Diego.

Jeff Meeks and Bruce White spent a considerable portion of their active duty career in Southern California.  There is no substitute for seasoned and relevant experience.  In military parlance, there is no substitute for walking the terrain.

Prior to attending law school in Oregon, Bruce White served with the 3rd Marine Air Wing at Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) El Toro as an Aircraft Maintenance Officer.  He also completed two tours at Marine Corps Recruit Depot (MCRD) San Diego, serving as a Series Officer and Company Executive Officer at the Recruit Training Regiment, and as the Chief Prosecuting Attorney and finally as the Staff Judge Advocate managing all legal actions in the command.  Bruce White also completed two tours at the venerable Legal Services Support Section (LSSS) at Camp Pendleton to include service as the Senior Defense Counsel for the entire Base.  The LSSS is the busiest military justice office in the World.  Bruce deployed with I Marine Expeditionary Force (I MEF) to Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) and has a personal understanding of the challenges our service members face in that harsh combat environment.  All told, Bruce White completed five Southern California tours totally nearly 15 years experience in the Region. 

After serving at locations around the world, Jeff Meeks spent the last five years of his storied Marine Corps career in Southern California.  Moreover, he spent his five years on the bench and finished as the senior military judge in the Sierra Judicial Circuit of the Navy and Marine Corps Trial Judiciary.  During this period, he presided over a number of high profile trials to include trials involving drownings, recruit abuse and recruiter misconduct at MCRD San Diego, and homicide cases coming from Hamdaniyah, Haditha, and Fallujah, Iraq.

Both Jeff Meeks and Bruce White are licensed California attorneys.  White & Meeks LLP also enjoys the dedicated Of Counsel support of Rafael Acosta Jr.  Many military cases arise from alleged misconduct that occurred off base.  In such cases, civilian prosecutors often also prosecute in parallel with military authorities.  Common examples are serious DUI or domestic violence cases.  Generally, there are no "double jeopardy" prohibitions to parallel prosecutions since there are two sovereigns involved -- the state of California and the Federal government.  White & Meeks LLP can effectively represent you in military, Federal and California courts.  Not only is this more efficient and cost effective for the client, it will also ensure a unified and cohesive handling of the cases.  In many instances, through effective communication, "blanket" settlement of all issues is possible.