Representative Civilian Criminal Cases
(Acosta) Client was accused of a 4th DUI, making it a felony.  After aggressive investigation by Rafael Acosta, the case was dismissed.

(Acosta and White)
Client was accused of felony assault another person and causing great bodily injury after a bar fight in El Cajon left a person with serious facial injuries.  After the readiness conference, where the prosecutor offered a multi-year confinement term in state prison, the case moved forward to a preliminary hearing.  There, Rafael Acosta and Bruce White aggressively cross-examined the prosecutor's witnesses.  Acosta and White attacked causation of the injuries.  They also argued that the alleged victim was a mutual combatant and that client was exercising reasonable self-defense.  The judge found that there was insufficient evidence to hold the client over for a felony trial.  Case dismissed.

(Acosta) Client was accused by two witnesses of stealing $30,000 in equipment from employer.  After investigation and advocacy by Rafael Acosta, the case was dismissed.

Client was accused of domestic violence.  After pre-filing investigation by Rafael Acosta, the case was dismissed.

(Acosta and White) Marine Staff Sergeant stopped after driving 85 mph in a 65 mph zone of I-15.  Client had an expired license.  Officer found 9 mm handgun with live rounds inside the vehicle within reach of the driver.  Client charged with possession of concealed firearm in the vehicle and driving without a license.  During motion phase of the trial, through effective cross-examination of the arresting officer, Rafael Acosta was able to suppress the firearm evidence as a product of an unlawful search of the vehicle.  Client pled guilty to driving without a license and received a favorable disposition that allowed him to continue his military career.   

(Acosta and White) Marine Corps Private removed two live .50 Caliber "Ma Deuce" machine gun rounds from training exercise and attempted to bring them onto a plane at the airport .  Client charged with felony possession of explosive devices at the airport.  Through effective pre-trial advocacy, Acosta demonstrated the case merely  involved poor judgement by a young man with no criminal intent.  Case dismissed.   Client was able to continue his military service.

Client was accused of a felony.  The DA charged several strike priors, exposing client to 3 Strikes Sentencing - 25 YEARS TO LIFE.  After investigation and negotiation by Rafael Acosta, client pled guilty to a misdemeanor and received misdemeanor probation.  No custody at sentencing.

(White) Client arrested while smoking marijuana in his parked vehicle in the Point Loma area.  Officer also confiscated drug paraphernalia.   Client charged with misdemeanor possession and use.  Through a plea agreement, Client pled guilty to the infraction of disturbing the peace by playing his radio too loudly.  Drug charges dismissed.

Client was accused of using the personal identifying information of another to obtain financial services.  After investigation and advocacy by Rafael Acosta, the case was dismissed.