General Court-Martial (GCM)

This is the most serious court-martial and is similar to a felony civilian criminal trial.  General courts-martial (GCMs) have the authority to award any punishment that is permissible under the law to include confinement for life without the possibility of parole or even the death penalty in cases where it is authorized.  Additional common GCM punishments include:  total forfeitures of pay and allowances, a fine, reduction, and a Dishonorable Discharge or Bad Conduct Discharge.  

General Officers convene general courts-martial after cases undergo Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) Article 32 investigations.  Common general court-martial cases include:  murder and other levels of homicide, rape and sexual assault, aggravated physical assault and other violent crimes, drug distribution, arson, child sexual abuse and aggravated physical abuse, involvement with child pornography, and high value larceny.

Since the stakes are so high in the GCM forum, perhaps the most important decision you will have is your choice of counsel.  Together, Jeffrey Meeks and Bruce White offer 45 years experience as military lawyers and will aggressively protect your rights as you undergo this arduous journey. 

Manual for Courts-Martial (2012)