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There is no Substitute For Experience . . .

You are making one of the most important decisions in your military career.  In making this decisions, you want to know who it is that will fight for you.  This is who I am:

I entered the Marine Corps while attending law school at Brigham Young University, in Provo, Utah, in 1983.  I attended Officer Candidate School in Quantico, Virginia, in June 1983 under the PLC (Law) program, and accepted my commission as a 2d Lieutenant upon graduation in August of that year.  After graduation from law school in April, 1984 and admission to the Utah state bar, I entered The Basic School in November of that year, graduating in April, 1985.  Upon completion of the Naval Justice School in August 1985, I was certified as a judge advocate and awarded the MOS of 4402 (Judge Advocate).

Learning the Art and Practice of Military Law . . .

My career as an attorney started in August, 1985, when I reported to Marine Corps Air Station, Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii, and was assigned to the Joint Law Center.  After initially serving in the Legal Assistance Office, I began my first tour as a defense counsel, representing Marines and Sailors charged with offenses ranging from disrespect and drug use to serious rape and sexual molestation charges, as well as the theft and destruction of an Armored Assault Vehicle (AAV) on a highway on Oahu. I obtained acquittals in cases involving child molestation, rape, grand larceny, and serious allegations of officer misconduct involving a Navy Lieutenant Commander at Pearl Harbor.   I was promoted to Captain in 1986.

Seasoned by Experience

In July, 1988, I  reported to Headquarters and Service Battalion, 3d Force Service Support Group, in Okinawa, Japan, and was assigned to the Legal Service Support Section.  I served as  Officer in Charge of Legal Service Support Team, Camp Kinser, Trial Counsel, Defense Counsel, and Senior Defense Counsel.  During this time, I prosecuted and defended serious offenses involving rape, child physical and sexual abuse, aggravated assaults, armed robbery and homicide.  During this same time period I deployed in roles as legal advisor to the Team Spirit exercises in Korea, the Thalay Thai and Cobra Gold exercises in Thailand, and served as the deputy staff judge advocate for Naval Forces Central Command aboard the USS BLUE RIDGE in the Persian Gulf during Operations DESERT SHIELD/DESERT STORM.   

Teacher and Student . . .

In July 1991, I reported to the Naval Justice School, Newport, Rhode Island, as an instructor in the Criminal Law Department.  During this time I served as an instructor in the Evidence section teaching both the legal officer and new accession lawyer courses, as well as traveling around the world teaching senior officer courses.  In 1992, I became the Trial Advocacy instructor and Coordinator, and participated in a major revision of the military justice and trial advocacy curriculum at the school.  I was promoted to Major while at the school in 1993.

In July 1994, I reported to The Army Judge Advocate General’s School in Charlottesville, Virginia, as a student in the year long career course leading to a Master in Laws in Military Law.  I graduated on the Commandant’s List, with an emphasis in Criminal Law, in May, 1995.

Leader and Experienced Litigator . . .

In June 1995, I reported to Headquarters and Service Battalion, 2d Force Service Support Group, at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, where I was assigned to the Legal Service Support Section.  I served as the Senior Defense Counsel for over two years, supervising a section of 10 defense attorneys and representing clients in serious offenses including supply fraud, rape, child sexual  abuse, hazing, aggravated assault, homicide and capital murder.   I was involved in the “Blood Pinning” investigation involving Marines with jump wings in 1997, and obtained acquittals in cases involving rape, child molestation, aggravated assault, supply fraud, computer crimes, felony larceny and drug distribution.  I did my first capital case, successfully removing death from the table and ensuring that my client would not spend his life behind bars.  I was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel in 1998, and served as the Officer in Charge of the Legal Service Support Section.

Regional Defense Counsel

In July, 1999, I transferred to Marine Corps Base, Camp Lejeune, as the Regional Defense Counsel for the Eastern Region of the United States.  I supervised over 20 attorneys providing defense counsel services in all Marine Corps installations on the East Coast.  During this time I was involved in the investigations surrounding the V-22 Osprey, and personally represented clients in the most complex cases involving allegations of senior officer misconduct and capital murder. 

In July, 2001, I reported to Marine Corps Recruit Depot, Parris Island, and was assigned as the Director of the Depot Law Center, providing legal services to the Depot and the Eastern Recruiting Region and supervising the prosecutorial function for all MCRD and Eastern Recruiting Region cases.  Here, I came to know with an insider’s perspective the challenges and issues of recruiting and training new Marines, and the challenges faced by non-commissioned officers tasked with the most difficult and challenging job in the service. 

Senior Military Judge

In July, 2004, I reported to the Sierra Judicial Circuit, Navy Marine Corps Trial Judiciary, after designation as a Military Judge.  I became the deputy Circuit Judge in 2005, and then became the Senior Judge over the Sierra Judicial District when all Navy and Marine Corps judicial activities on the west coast were consolidated into the Western Judicial Circuit in 2006.  I presided over a number of high profile trials involving drowning, recruit abuse and recruiter misconduct at MCRD San Diego, and homicide cases coming from Hamdaniyah, Haditha, and Fallujah, Iraq.  I worked to ensure that justice was done in each case—that the rights of the accused were protected, that only admissible evidence went before the trier of fact, and that a just result occurred in each case.  In this role, I also came to know the personality of the players in the Western Judicial Circuit.  This is the experience that I bring to you.  

Your Attorney of Choice

I come to the point of representing you after 25 years of deep, detailed, and dedicated service in the Military Justice system.  I am a member of the Utah and California bar, and  have been certified and sworn to practice in the military justice system.  I have a lasting commitment to protecting your rights, fighting for the best outcome in your case, and ensuring the best possible future for yourself and your family.  It is time that we talked about your needs.