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While criminal misconduct in the military is governed by the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ), non-criminal misconduct is governed by military administrative law. Military administrative law is a complex collection of service regulations, statutes, and orders. Essentially, it allows superiors in the chain of command to draw attention to a subordinate’s misconduct or to censure his or her misconduct.

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Types of Administrative Actions

Administrative actions can lead to punishment such as additional restrictions, extra duties, loss of pay, correctional custody, or reduction in rank. Because military administrative law is open to interpretation, it is important to have someone on your side who can make sure that you are not being overly reprimanded or punished for small offenses.

I can help clients through administrative actions such as:

If you believe that you are being singled out for a minor incident or that you deserve a second chance following a mistake, it’s worth it to get in touch with a trusted and experienced military attorney.

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