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A Military Board of Inquiry is an administrative process that allows senior officers to look into allegations People in a meeting shaking hands of misconduct or substandard performance by other officers. If it is determined that the misconduct or substandard performance occurred, the Board of Inquiry can determine the consequences for those actions.

As a San Diego military attorney with three decades of experience, I can provide you with the guidance and representation you need to navigate your Board of Inquiry hearing. I am Attorney Jeffrey Meeks and I am proud to have helped thousands of clients over the years. With a background steeped in the military justice system, I understand the nuances of administrative hearings and how to best help you overcome the situation you find yourself in.

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The Board of Inquiry Process

A Board of Inquiry is made up of officers who are senior in grade to the officer who is the subject of the hearing. In this hearing, each side presents evidence. A recorder, or a military attorney, represents the government and presents the case against the respondent. The respondent has the right to choose a military defense lawyer and a civilian defense lawyer to defend his or her side of the case and fight for continued military service.

Once the hearing takes place, the Board of Inquiry votes on whether the allegations of misconduct or substandard performance are valid. If the Board decides that the allegations are substantiated, they will provide their recommendations to the commander. These recommendations concern whether the respondent should be discharged and on what terms that discharge should take place.

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If a Board of Inquiry determines the allegations against your are substantiated, you can be subject to an administrative separation and discharged from the military with an "Other Than Honorable" status. If you have been notified that you are under investigation or facing a Board of Inquiry, you need to retain an experienced defense attorney as soon as possible to fight for you.

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