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Obtaining and holding a security clearance is a difficult ordeal that can come with many complications. However, many military members need to obtain and hold security clearances in order to perform their duties in their position with the government. If you have been denied a security clearance, get in touch with an experienced San Diego security clearance denial lawyer as soon as possible.

At my firm, Meeks Military Law, I have helped thousands of clients navigate complicated cases. As a retired Lieutenant Colonel in the U.S. Marine Corps, I have spent more than three decades in the military justice system, including five years as a military judge. I keep my clients updated and informed throughout every step of the process, so you can trust your case with my firm.

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Common Disqualifiers for Security Clearance

A security clearance is typically denied due to behavior that the government determines is a risk to national security.

Reasons for a security clearance denial include:

  • Involvement in drugs
  • Reckless sexual behaviors
  • Financial considerations, including debt or affluence
  • Addiction to gambling
  • Undue foreign influence or preference
  • Criminal conduct
  • Consumption of alcohol
  • Handling personal or protected information
  • Mental or psychological conditions
  • Use of IT systems

Financial considerations are typically the most common reason for a security clearance denial. You can have your security clearance denied as a result of poor credit choices, deceptive financial activities, or financial problems related to gambling or drug addictions.

You can challenge your denial by proving mitigating factors, including:

  • Proof you have engaged in the act in question infrequently
  • Proof you have not engaged in the act in question for a long period of time
  • Proof you have completed a program related to resolving the issue in question

Reliable Counsel throughout the Entire Process

Meeks Military Law can assist military personnel throughout all stages of the security clearance process. You can expect thorough preparation and attention to detail as well as experienced guidance on how you can maximize your chances of obtaining or maintaining your security clearance.

I can handle matters involving:

  • Pre-clearance counseling
  • Preparation for investigative interviews and interrogation
  • Preparation of responses to denial letters and statement of reasons
  • Hearing requests
  • Representation at post-denial hearings
  • Representation throughout any appeals

If you have been denied an application for security clearance, don’t lose hope. It is not the end of your case. In fact, with the right legal help, you can view it as the beginning. I have extensive experience assisting clients through this process and I can put that experience to work for you.

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