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If you have been charged with a crime in the military, you will be brought before a military criminal court Court House Stepsproceeding known as a court-martial. There are several types of court-martial hearings that range in severity, as well as in the types of penalties you could face. Regardless of the nature of the accusations against you, you need a trusted and experienced San Diego court martial attorney on your side to fight for a favorable outcome.

At my firm, Meeks Military Law, I am proud to offer zealous defense to service members who are facing criminal charges. I am a retired Lieutenant Colonel of the U.S. Marine Corps and I have more than 30 years of in-depth experience in the military justice system. Over the years, I have been able to help numerous clients obtain acquittals, dismissals, and lenient resolutions to their cases. There is no case too great or too small for my firm to handle, and I am proud to provide a high level of personal service throughout each step of your case.

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Types of Court Martial Hearings

I believe that there is no substitute for experience. Throughout my career, I have represented thousands of clients in a wide range of cases. Should you choose to work with me, you can rest assured that your case will be handled thoroughly and efficiently.

I regularly represent clients in:

  • Summary Court-Martial: These hearings are used to quickly resolve matters after a disciplinary incident. Often, fewer rights are provided to the accused individual than if they were part of a higher court-martial.
  • Special Court-Martial: These hearings can lead to penalties such as reduced pay, forfeiture of pay, discharges for bad conduct, and up to one-year confinement.
  • Article 32 Investigations: These hearings are usually led by a commanding branch officer and are considered to be a type of disciplinary action that is taken against a uniformed service member.
  • General Court-Martial: These hearings are the most serious type of court-martial and although you have more rights, you also could face higher penalties.

Understanding the Court-Martial Process

A court-martial starts with a "preferral" of charges by the accused person's commander once an investigation concludes. The preferral is a statement that the commander believes in the truth of the charges against the accused.

For a general court-martial, or GCM, a preliminary investigation under Article 32 is required before proceeding. In the case of a special court-martial, or SPGM, the court-martial can be convened without an Article 32 investigation. A senior officer, or "convening authority," will appoint court members to the case. The convening authority will refer the charges to trial, and the assigned judge will set a trial date.

Depending on the type of court-martial hearing, and the severity of the charges, the court-martial process can take anywhere from a week to a year. A general court-martial will take the longest time, typically requiring at least six months.

A Firm with Home Field Advantage

Meeks Military Law primarily represents service members throughout Southern California. This is because we want to provide high-quality personal service without our clients worrying about being left out of the process or being charged for travel-related expenses. As a local firm, we are able to interview witnesses in person to establish credibility and visit key sites as part of our case preparation.

We are available to represent clients on:

  • Naval Bases: Naval Base San Diego, Naval Base Coronado, and Naval Base Point Loma
  • Marine Corps Bases: Camp Pendleton and Marine Corps Air Station Miramar, Marine Corps Recruit Depot, San Diego (MCRD), and Twentynine Palms
  • Air Force Bases: March Air Reserve Base

High-Quality Representation to Protect Your Rights

I am passionate about upholding the rights of service members charged with crimes and work to build powerful cases on their behalf. Meeks Military Law keeps you updated and informed throughout every step of your case so you are never left in the dark and so that you can make educated decisions about your future. As a retired service member myself, I understand the unique pressures and struggles you face, and I have represented numerous clients who have found themselves in similar situations.

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