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Summary Court Martial

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At Meeks Military Law, clients will find a team that is committed to providing thorough, experienced, and highly skilled legal services when they need it most. The complexities that accompany military court-martial matters mean that having a qualified guide to fight for you is a must. No matter what kind of charges are against you, Meeks Military Law’s attorney in San Diego has everything you need to protect your best interests.

Understanding a Summary Court Martial

This is the lowest form of court-martial and is normally used for minor offenses. Summary courts-martial lie somewhere between nonjudicial punishments and special courts-martial. A summary court-martial is not considered a criminal trial and does not result in a criminal conviction unless the member is represented by a military lawyer during the hearing. Service members are not entitled to government-funded military lawyers in this forum. The rules of evidence apply at a summary court-martial and service members have the right to cross-examine witnesses.

Importantly, service members can refuse summary courts-martial. Those who refuse summary court-martial will likely face special courts-martial instead. In certain cases, commands like to use summary courts-martial instead of nonjudicial punishments because one available punishment is confinement for 30 days. Confinement provides a visible deterrent to other members of the command. Further, service members E-4 and below can be reduced all the way to E-1. E-5 and above can be reduced one pay grade.

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