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As defined by the UCMJ, sexual misconduct is a broad term for offenses such as indecent acts, forcible pandering, wrongful sexual contact, indecent exposure, and indecent viewing, visual recording, and broadcasting. A conviction of sexual misconduct can lead to devastating penalties and a very different future than the one you had probably hoped for.

If you are charged with sexual misconduct, let me and my firm, Meeks Military Law, come to your aid. I am Attorney Jeffrey Meeks, a San Diego military attorney with experience spanning more than three decades.

I am passionate about upholding the rights of men and women who have been charged with sexual misconduct and fighting on their behalf. Over the years, I have handled thousands of cases and established a track record of successfully obtaining dismissals, acquittals, and reduced sentences for many of my clients. Although I cannot guarantee a specific outcome, I can work with you to create a powerful and compelling defense.

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Penalties for Sexual Misconduct under Article 120

Punishment for sexual misconduct will vary according to the severity of the crime; however, all charges can affect your future and should be taken seriously.

Penalties may include:

  • Dishonorable discharge
  • Bad conduct discharge
  • Confinement for life without the possibility of parole
  • Forfeiture of total pay and allowances

In addition, this conviction could have unforeseen effects on your life in the civilian sector. Finding employment can be difficult for service members who received anything other than an honorable or general discharge under honorable conditions.

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