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When a service member fails a military drug test, it begins a snowballing series of events that can seriously hurt or jeopardize his or her career, freedom, and future. Members of the military are held to high standards and it’s common for these failed tests to be heavily investigated and punished.

Don’t be overwhelmed by these allegations. There are many alternative explanations as to how you failed the drug test. I am Attorney Jeffrey Meeks and I have helped thousands of clients who were at risk of derailing their careers. I have spent more than three decades representing service members who were accused of crimes and I have been able to secure many dismissals, acquittals, and reduced sentences over the years.

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Possible Defenses to a Failed Drug Test

It’s important to understand that a failed drug test does not immediately equal guilt. There are many explanations for a failed drug test and many factors that must be considered in each case.

Possible defenses to a failed drug test can include:

  • A mistake made by the lab
  • A mistake made by a machine
  • A false positive
  • A valid prescription that resulted in a positive test

For a conviction to take place, it must be proven not only that the drug is in your system, but that you intentionally used the drug. In some cases, it can be demonstrated that the individual in question ingested the drug without realizing it.

Regardless of the circumstances of your situation, Meeks Military Law is here to help you fight back against the allegations you face. I take the time to thoroughly investigate every case with care before building a strong defense on my clients’ behalf.

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