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  • I’ve never felt more compelled to recommend someone as enthusiastically as Mr. Meeks.
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    “I met Mr. Meeks during one of the darkest periods of my life. As a Marine Corps Captain faced with false allegations and felony charges, I knew I needed the experience of an excellent civilian attorney on my defense team. Mr. Meeks came highly recommended by Camp Pendleton’s Senior Defense Counsel, and it proved one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life. Mr. Meeks not only provided world class legal counsel, he was committed and dedicated to my defense and seemed personally and emotionally invested in my case. As this legal battle drug on for over a year, Mr. Meeks dedication was instrumental. As I faced this potentially life changing event, I needed someone thoroughly invested, and I had no doubt throughout the process that Mr. Meeks was. As my wife and family began attending the hearings leading up to trial and the trial itself, Mr. Meeks always went out of his way to explain the process to them and answer all of their questions. On top of all that, Mr. Meeks’ network of top-notch expert consultants is unmatched and truly essential for the successful defense in my complex case. Mr. Meeks went above and beyond, surpassing any expectations I had. His experience, knowledge, expertise, kindness, and professional compassion was paramount in ensuring I felt he always had my best interest in mind. The bottom line is that I’ve never felt more compelled to recommend someone as enthusiastically as I do about Mr. Meeks. He gave me and my family our life back and for that we’ll be forever grateful.”

    Michael W.

  • Mr. Meeks was the difference!
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    “I was accused of three separate charges by the United States Navy so to say the least the odds were stacked against us. Right away Mr. Meeks was confident he could get the charges dropped and that is exactly what he did. He was no doubt the difference maker in the board's final decision. My case lasted over a year and Mr. Meeks was always available and consistently working towards our end goal. He is an expert of Military Law and Military proceedings which was evident on the day of the Board of Inquiry. His diligent preparation and ability to perform at trial were impressive and no doubt the reason for all three charges being dropped.”

    Former Client

  • Best investment you can make.
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    “I am currently still in active duty service with the Marine Corps thanks to Jeffery Meeks. If it wasn’t for his phenomenal skills as a lawyer, hard working nature and expertise as a military JAG, I don’t think I would be free and proven innocent right now. Jeffery Meeks will tell you the truth and fight tooth and nail to make sure everyone else knows it. Professional, kind and will take the time to listen when no one else will. If you need a lawyer, there’s no one I would recommend more than Mr. Meeks.”

    Michael Williamson

  • Instantly put my mind at ease!
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    “I highly recommend Mr. Meeks as an attorney. After a positive urinalysis for an illegal substance jeopardized my military career, I naturally sought out the very best to represent me in my case. After talking to Mr. Meeks, I knew that he was the best man for the job. He instantly put my mind at ease and walked me through every step of the litigation process. With his guidance, I was able to effectively create a package of evidence and statements regarding my innocence. During the trial, Mr. Meeks took complete command of the room. Using his vast knowledge of military law and his natural ability to convey the evidence presented, the jury had no choice but to rule in favor of my defense. With a unanimous deliberation of no misconduct, I was retained in the military and my clearance reinstated. Without the aid and direction provided by Jeff Meeks, my career would have undoubtedly been over. If I’m ever put in such an unfortunate circumstance again, I will immediately turn to Mr. Meeks.”

    Tim H.

  • I would strongly recommend Mr. Meeks as an attorney, and I’ll assure you’ll be in great hands every step of the way.
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    “I highly recommend Mr. Meeks as an attorney. He represent me in a positive urinalysis case for a controlled substance for which I was innocent of. Mr. Meeks helped me understand each way my case would go and what needed to be done in order to prepare for my case. He educated me on how the process would go if it went to Court Marital or if it went into and Admin Separation board. Whichever way the case was going he assured that I was prepared for both circumstances and gathered supporting documentation that would benefit me and aid in my case. He explained the process on how each hearing would go and what it meant. I felt much more at ease going through my case knowing I was in good hands. During my Admin Separation Board Mr. Meeks showed nothing but pure class in his artistry. The way he presented everything to the board was just amazing. He was so well prepared for my case and had covered every possible question the board could have and backed it up with facts. The board had no questions in regards to anything. Mr. Meeks courtroom dynamic aren’t like any other and the way he speaks and conveys his statement is so impactful. All his efforts led to a favorable outcome and we ended up beating the board. Due to his guidance and foresight Mr. Meeks made it possible for me to be able to keep everything I’ve earned and allowed me to return to my life and be able to focus on the people that matter most to me. If I would’ve taken guidance from the JAG I spoke to I would probably be out the military right now. I thank Mr. Meeks for everything he did and the amazing way he represented me. I would strongly recommend Mr. Meeks as an attorney, and I’ll assure you’ll be in great hands every step of the way.”

    Luis M.

  • The verdict came in as "Not Guilty".
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    “Recently, our son (USMC) was accused of wrong doing under the Article 120 of the UCMJ. The cards were stacked against our son. The charges were serious and the outcome was grave. We decided to hire Mr. Meeks and have him as our lead counsel. All cases are different and so are the outcomes. Mr. Meeks hired a great professional witness to strengthen his argument for the defense. Together they mounted our son's defense. He took this case to heart and put everything into defending our son. The preparation was excellent. Mr. Meeks commanded the floor and his delivery was outstanding. The jury listened to his every word. He gave the jury the convincing argument and they had determined there was reasonable doubt. The verdict came in as "Not Guilty". I highly recommend Mr. Meeks and our family is indebted to him. In my opinion, he made a difference in this case.”

    Sean C.

  • The Life Saver!
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    “Mr. Meeks helped me through one of the darkest times of my life. I could not have asked for a better lawyer. I hired Mr. Meeks when I got into some serious legal troubles. Due to the nature of the charges, I was facing at least 15 years to life in prison. I spoke with Mr. Meeks over the phone briefly about my case. When I first met Mr. Meeks, I was shocked, confused, and scared to death. He was able to calm my fears from our first meeting, offering both a compassionate listener and some comprehensive knowledge of military law. In the courtroom, he demonstrated a high degree of professionalism and tact. After a three-day jury trial, including expert testimony offered by the prosecutor, the jury returned a not guilty verdict on all charges. Mr. Meeks was always straight forward and never rushed me, he took the time to explain in detail all aspects of my case. I, strongly recommend Mr. Meeks to anyone who needs reliable defense in any criminal case. Mr. Meeks, authentic care, urgent attention, and expert knowledge helped turn a very negative challenge and life changing experience into a positive.”

    Former Client

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